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Acetate Round Sunglasses in Russian Blue Frame And Russian Blue Gradient mirrors.

Cutler And Gross Eyewear-1377 Round Sunglasses

Vintage Inspired Black On Camo Sunglasses With Dark Brown Gradient Mirrors.

Cutler And Gross Eyewear-1387 Square Sunglasses

Big Pink Acetate Sunglasses With Sea Blue Mirrors.

Cutler And Gross Eyewear-1391 Rectangle Sunglasses

These Square Frames Are Made Of Milled Acetate And Have Metal Rims To Define Your Face Shape.

Cutler And Gross Eyewear-1332 Optical Browline Glasses

These Frames Are Crafted From A 9mm Sheet Laminated Acetate.

Cutler And Gross Eyewear-1319 Optical Aviator Glasses

Lightweight And Comfortable Blend Of Metal And Plastic Acetate Frames.

Cutler And Gross Eyewear-1313 Optical Round Glasses

Eyewear Brand Information


The customer is king. That's what the Cutler and Gross philosophy has always been about. They make sure that every individual who walks through their doors feels like they are treated with care by being given unique glasses or sunglasses just for them. Cutler and Gross's eyewear is not mass-produced but carefully individually crafted. The people at Cutler & Gross have always been an individualistic breed, eccentric maybe but rare nonetheless.

Introduction to Cutler And Gross Eyewear

Cutler and Gross Eyewear have a highly associated reputation with their styles and fashion statements. Celebrities adorn its coveted eyewear in films, people from the arts, designers, and musicians. Cutler and Gross have a vast collection of star collection series that embodies the true essence of fame and fortune. Putting on a pair of Cutler and Gross sunglasses or glasses will elevate your style!

About The Founders

Cutler and Gross's eyewear was founded by Graham Cutler and Tony Gross in 1969. The brand has enjoyed over 51 years of continued excellence in design. The styling is British-inspired with Italian handcraftsmanship. Most brands have their logos imprinted on their products, but that's not the case with Cutler and Gross Eyewear. Since the beginning, both founders have set their signature style of putting only the trademark number on their frames; they see logo placement as ostentatious and avoid it.

British-inspired Italian Handcrafted Optical and Sunglasses

An excellent quality about this old-school British eyewear brand is that they don't rely on machines for perfection. Cutler and Gross believed in true handcraftsmanship. They chose the world's most creative design hub for their glasses, Italy. As Graham Cutler once said, they want their customers to feel the uniqueness in their products. Every pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses by Cutler and Gross Eyewear is built to perfection to create a unique product. You may notice "tiny inaccuracies" in their designs, but this is the tell of handcrafting. Cutler and Gross Eyewear have always been considered among iconic eyewear brands in Europe.

Paul Smith Collection

If you are in the mood for something unique, why not try the Paul Smith collection. Their design team has shown natural creativity to make these state-of-the-art eyewear products—one of the best lines in the collection.

Cutler and Gross Eyewear is for Everyone

Cutler and Gross Eyewear cater to you whether you dress masculine or feminine. They have a variety of gender-neutral unisex frames. Whatever face shape and type you have, they have a design that will suit you. All sizes and shapes are broadly available across style lines and colourways.

Try on a pair Book an exclusive <strong>Cutler And Gross Eyewear Toronto</strong> frame fitting today!

Try on a pair Book an exclusive Cutler And Gross Eyewear Toronto frame fitting today!