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WHO'S WOOW? WOOW is a brand new brand

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Peach & Black Two Toned Acetate & Golden Metal Frame With Brown Gradient Lenses.

WOOW Eyewear – Sunglasses Super Rock

Light Blue Acetate Frame With Pink Temples, Blue Pattern Temple Tips & Blue Gradient Lenses.

WOOW Eyewear – Sunglasses Super Duper

Peachy Pink And Marble Patterned  Acetate Frame With Marble Patterned Temples, Orange Temple Tips And Brown Gradient Lenses.

WOOW Eyewear – Sunglasses Super City

Brown, Black, Blue & Purple Marble Acetate Frame With Mustard Temples And Blue Temple Tips.

WOOW Eyewear – Optical Roof Top

Neon Orange & Dark Blue Metal Frame With Dark Blue Temples & Patterned Temple Tips.

WOOW Eyewear – Optical Master Mind

Dark Brown, Light Brown & Transparent Patterned Acetate Frame With Blue Temple Tips.

WOOW Eyewear – Optical Hello Mate

Eyewear Brand Information

With a name like WOOW, it’s no wonder that this brand wants you to stand out from the crowd. They are not afraid of breaking free and bending rules for their customers (both men AND women!) To enjoy wearing brightly-coloured Glasses with positive messages!

Introduction to WOOW Eyewear

WOOW eyewear is another brand by the famous French eyewear company “FACE A FACE.” WOOW was launched by FACE A FACE in 2011. The primary goal behind creating this new brand was to introduce the young spirits with some fashionable eyewear products. FACE A FACE was already doing great with its phenomenal sunglasses and prescription glasses range. They wanted to provide the youth with a brand that they can relate to more, and it doesn’t break their bank account. The most interesting factor behind the WOOW brand is its continuation of the fancy tips of the glasses—Where you will find text written at the end of the frame - the original concept by FACE A FACE. During an interview, the brand owner described how they wanted to exhibit that their frames’ arms are talking to each other. With WOOW frames, you start every morning with a smile.

WOOW Eyewear’s distinction

Many things stand out on this brand, including the messages written at all the frames’ tips. But that is not all; WOOW eyewear products continually improve durability and style. You can pick any of the frames by WOOW, and it will not fail to impress you. WOOW glasses for men, women, and all genders prove that they are made for the youthful. You will see a constant update in the design, flair, and trendy touch with WOOW sunglasses. These reasons enable this French eyewear brand to sell its products to more than 40 countries across the globe.

Who owns WOOW, and what’s with the name?

Two incredibly talented and beautiful ladies run the brand, Claire Ferreira and Marianne Deze. Claire is a designer with some phenomenal creativity, and now and then, you can expect some out-of-the-box designs by WOOW eyewear, thanks to her. Now coming to the great name of the brand about which the owners of this brand had to say, “WOOW is a palindrome, and it is a fun name, you can easily remember it, and you can pronounce it as you like, but it will always be Wow.”

We love WOOW.
A good thing about WOOW eyewear products is that they are so very organized into categories. You can choose a category based on your style and finalize just the right frame design. These categories that we talk about are not general and are more like trending stories on the internet. Yes, that’s right! You will get to see a new series or collection by WOOW as soon as some new fashion trend comes out. Or maybe a new Hollywood sensation can be a new category in WOOW’s line-up. They have one of the best-looking full-rim glasses. Their full-rim glasses feature tricolour ultra-thin metallic strips that make it look really hot. And for those who like it lighter, WOOW has some adorable rimless and semi-rimless frames available too.

Try on a pair Book an exclusive <strong>WOOW Eyewear Toronto</strong> frame fitting today!

Try on a pair Book an exclusive WOOW Eyewear Toronto frame fitting today!