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Eyewear Brand Information

Tom Ford is one of today's most highly regarded and influential designers. Winner of several design awards, he started his fashion career in 1994. In the same year, Tom Ford signed a deal with Marcolin Group to manufacture and sell optical frames and sunglasses.

An introduction to Tom Ford Eyewear

Tom Ford is an American fashion brand founded in 2006. His eponymous brand is recognized for its menswear, beauty products, eyewear, and accessories. Tom Ford eyewear is trendy, just like its ready-to-wear products, shoes, handbags, and watches. Tom Ford's prescription glasses & shades come in all shapes and designs, but what is unique is the natural materials and attention to detail found in each piece. In particular, many of the frame designs incorporate raw materials like buffalo bone.

One of the most popular design trends is Tom Ford aviator sunglasses, the finishing touch to a retro look that never dates. Although the brand primarily makes shades and reading glasses for men and women, Tom likes to fashion eyewear for men; this is evident in the frame models found in the Private Collection, coveted by men with discriminating taste and a penchant for fashion.

About the Founder, Tom Ford

The person behind the foundation of the prominent brand is an American fashion designer and filmmaker. Tom Ford was born on Aug 27th, 1961, and he founded his famous brand after leaving Gucci in 2006.

Ford describes his brand as suited for international, cultural, and well-travelled men, possessing a disposable income; for women, he describes his brand for those who are intelligent and know their styles. Ford is one of the leading fashion designers known for making suits for the First Lady Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, Hugh Jackman, Beyonce, and many other worldwide respected names. Tom Ford eyewear, be it Tom Ford shades and Tom Ford prescription glasses, combine the old classic looks with a novel modern fashion twist.

Tom Ford Eyewear Mission

Tom Ford's mission is to design for men and women who appreciate good taste. Its menswear caters to men who love tradition and enjoy world travel. Its womenswear line is all about women with beauty and style sense. Making fashion-forward and advanced designed products for everyone enables the brand to achieve its mission goals.

Authentic Tom Ford

So, you've bought a pair of Tom Ford glasses from a reputable retailer, but how do you know there authenticate? What steps can you take to ensure your purchase is genuine?

Check the following details with your purchase

The glasses should come in a designer box, although this is not proof of authenticity; however, combined with other information, it will strengthen the likelihood you own the real article:

  • Each pair of glasses should have attached an authenticate brand sticker.
  • Each pair of glasses will have a booklet and authenticity card.
  • Each frame is serialized; this number can be referenced at Mac & Co to prove authenticity and providence.

Tom Ford eyewear is in a league of his own
We love Tom Ford Eyewear. In a world filled with tons of eyewear to choose from for women, it is refreshing to have a designer that caters to men with decerning tastes that enjoy the finer things. Filled with exquisite details and made from rare natural materials and handmade detailing, this brand's eyewear stands firm in the world of men's and women's fashion accessories.

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