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Porsche Design Eyewear P8800 Grey P

Porsche Design Eyewear | P8800

Porsche Design Eyewear P 8327 Carbon P

Porsche Design Eyewear | P8327

Porsche Design Sunglasses Brampton Round P 8692 02

Porsche Design Sunglasses | Square P8665

Porsche Design Sunglasses Round P 8692 04

Porsche Design Sunglasses | P8692

Porsche Design Sunglasses P 8478 Polarized 03

Porsche Design Sunglasses | P8478 Polarized

Porsche Design Sunglasses Brampton P8478 04

Porsche Design Sunglasses | P8478

Porsche Design eyewear Highlights

With aviators, you can face the sun with these striking and well-engineered glasses.
Porsche Design has created the first sunglasses with interchangeable lenses for maximum vision under varying lighting conditions. Our square glasses are contemporary silhouettes for sheer beauty and a relaxed atmosphere. Timeless, thoughtful and well designed, our round glasses are purist style meets with delicate curves and careful craftsmanship—high-tech fabrics for highly versatile, ultra-light frames. Our readers are special Porsche Style Reading Glasses that deliver outstanding engineering and distinctive technology for superior vision.

Superior Glass
Innovative technology is the ultimate driving experience.
As part of that, the cockpit's best possible view, even when the weather and road are most challenging, is an essential safety aspect. Porsche Style Eyewear lenses provide you with critical optical advantages with their modern glass technology. Your outstanding quality and image features often indicate, even in crucial circumstances that you have a clear view of the route.

Resilient material

Each of your sunglasses from Porsche Design Eyewear is aimed at superb vision without compromise, including advanced materials with excellent technical characteristics.

As a follower of Porsche Design's lifestyle, you expect technology dedicated to practical design. And that goes with your sunglasses, too. Porsche Style glasses suit your needs.


The Porsche Style Eyewear sunglasses are the representation of the best engineering skills. State-of-the-art technology ensures that contemplation is kept to a minimum.

Colour Transmission
With the Porsche Style Eyewear sunglasses, you can truly appreciate the pure and genuine colours of nature. The unique contrast characteristics of the glasses let you see it more clearly.

UV Protection
Effectively shield your eyes from ultraviolet radiation, over-exertion and fatigue, resulting in a good driving experience.

Polarizing Lenses
Porsche Style Eyewear sunglasses effectively minimize the glare and reflections of water and other smooth surfaces.

Try on a pair Book an exclusive <strong>Porsche Design Eyewear</strong> frame fitting today!

Try on a pair Book an exclusive Porsche Design Eyewear frame fitting today!