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Luxury beyond all convention

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Pink/Gold Metal And Matt Black Acetate Frame With Black Gradient Lenses.

Philipp Plein Eyewear- Plein Signature Sunglasses

Black Acetate Frame With Palladium Colour Metal Temples.

Philipp Plein Eyewear – Plein Optical Frames Vreeland-V

Tartarugato Gold Acetate Frames With Black Colour Metal Temples And Tartarugato Gold Acetate Templets Tips.

Philipp Plein Eyewear – Plein Optical Frames Jacqueline-V

Black & Silver Colour Metal Frames With Spotted Tortoise Acetate Templets Tips.

Philipp Plein Eyewear – Plein Optical Frames Black Gold Mirror

Pink/Gold Colour Metal & Matt Black Acetate Frames With Grey Gradient Lenses.

Philipp Plein Eyewear – Plein Legacy Hexagon Sunglasses

Silver Colour Metal Frame With Black Acetate Temple Tips And Grey Coloured Mirror Printed Lenses.

Philipp Plein Eyewear – Plein The Skull Hexagon Sunglasses

Eyewear Brand Information

Philipp Plein Eyewear

A brand that is both innovative and daring, with a global dimension. The PHILIPP PLEIN way of adding up to luxury beyond all convention for their products was created in Munich back when designer Philipp Plein started it as an entrepreneurial venture guided by its spirit: Always looking out onto new opportunities without stopping at anything until you’ve reached your goals! Today, this company has grown significantly mainly due to astonishment– surprising people every day through creativity while commanding attention worldwide into three showrooms Milan, New York.

Introduction to Philipp Plein Eyewear

There are a few ways you could describe the Philipp Plein brand. It is extraordinary, utterly devoted to beauty and passionate about rock and roll. You could say the same thing about Philipp Plein, the man behind the brand. These characteristics have led Philipp Plein to develop a highly luxurious, edgy and stylish brand. Although Philipp Plein creates clothes and accessories, his glasses are the highlight. These over-the-top glasses work well, and everybody who’s anybody wants a piece. They are fun, highly provocative, and maximalist. Philipp Plein makes sure that all the glasses are visually pleasing and robust, with modern and innovative design. Philipp works on a homage to the people who turn desires into a reality.

The Philipp Plein Eyewear Collection

What can we say about the Philipp Plein Eyewear collection other than it is entirely explosive and will blow our minds away? It is an understatement to say that the Philipp Plein eyewear collection revolutionizes the industry with its innovative design.

We love Philipp Plein Eyewear

There is nothing simple, down-to-earth, or minimalist about Philipp Plein, and the same is true for his brand. The eyewear collection boasts maximalist aesthetics and presents bold shapes. The attention to detail is impressive and adds to the glasses' visual appeal. For this collection, Philipp Plein chose Megan Fox as the primary model, and she embodies the rock n' roll spirit that Philipp seems to be championing. It tells of a time when you could dream big and achieve it. It brings people back to this concept of being courageous enough to be unique. Each frame has its own unique and bold personality and will surely turn heads no matter where you wear it.

Try on a pair Book an exclusive <strong>Philipp Plein Eyewear Toronto</strong> frame fitting today!

Try on a pair Book an exclusive Philipp Plein Eyewear Toronto frame fitting today!