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Stain Black Frame Made Of Titanium.

Oakley Eyewear- Wire Tap 2.0 Eyeglasses

Matte Midnight Frame Made Of Titanium.

Oakley Eyewear- Socket TI Eyeglasses

Brown Tortoise Frame Made Of O-Matter Material.

Oakley Eyewear- NXTLVL Eyeglasses

Factory Pilot White Strap With Prizm Snow Hi Pink Lenses.

Oakley Eyewear- Fall Line L Factory Pilot Snow Goggles

Polished Black Frame With Prizm Snow Sapphire Lenses.

Oakley Eyewear- Clifden Prescription Sunglasses

Grey Ink Frame With Prizm Sapphire Lenses.

Oakley Eyewear- Mainlink™ XL Sunglasses

Eyewear Brand Information

Oakley is a company that believes in the power of design to inspire greatness. They are driven by their obsession with innovation and using it for good, which has created some truly cutting-edge products over time like Oakley Eyehealthy shades or Sabre skiing goggles.
Athletes know how important having gear designed specifically around your needs can be when competing at an elite level; there isn’t much margin left if you’re trying something new outside those guidelines!

Introduction to Oakley Eyewear

When you think of iconic American brands, what comes to mind? For many people, the answer is Oakley. This company started in a garage and now has one of those brand names that everyone knows- like Nike or Coca-Cola! But how did they get here from such humble beginnings? Oakley was the brand started by James Jannard. He was an innovator who started it in a garage with a small investment of $300. He started with what he called “Oakley Grips” for motorcycles. James would sell his products directly to the participants of motocross events from the back of his car. The next product he launched was swimming goggles.

When Oakley first started, its sports eyewear collection was just a small project. But with time, it has grown into one of the most popular brands in America and internationally too! You can find James’s adorable dog’s name “Oakley Ann” on all sorts of products, from goggles to sunglasses.

Oakley’s Specialization

Oakley is a well-known brand for producing high-quality sportswear. They have been in the business since way back and never compromised on anything, making them an expert in all things sports-related (especially sunglasses). Their expertise in this area offers everything from swimming goggles to stylish prescription glasses or even trendy male/female models that perfectly match your style!

Oakley and Luxottica Group

The Italian company Luxottica Group has bought many brands in the eyewear industry, including Oakley. The huge monopoly controls 70% share of all big names within optics and even owns its optical insurance agency. Oakley is part of Luxottica Group too.
Oakley’s sunglasses have always been a symbol of innovation and style. It is now one of the most recognized brands across all industries due to its unique designs that never become obsolete no matter what trends come along!

Why We Love Oakley Eyewear

There’s no doubt that Oakley is excellent at making sports eyewear products compared to other brands. But in so many years, especially after coming under Luxottica’s group umbrella, there has been a significant improvement with their frames and lenses. We now know the quality of your frame can never be replicated unless you go out and buy another pair! We get few companies who started producing pure gear for athletes but refined it into fashionable glasses or contact lens wear. This unique edge makes Oakley stand apart from its competitors.

Try on a pair Book an exclusive <strong>Oakley Eyewear Toronto</strong> frame fitting today!

Try on a pair Book an exclusive Oakley Eyewear Toronto frame fitting today!