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spring collection The Fairy Tale of London is Coming!!

"Having dealt with a year of isolation and with it, a deeper understanding of the importance of our world and what surrounds us, The Fairy Tale of London is a portrait of self-love, freedom, liberation and our resilience to push through to brighter horizons."

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Eyewear Brand Information

Established in 2016, For Art's Sake is London's largest and most exciting eyewear brand.
Loved for its bold details and a light-hearted attitude to luxury, FAS lives by the expression 'Built to Delight' – seen in everything from our beautiful art-inspired shops to our blue velvet packaging to the charity we support. (for every purchase you make, we donate a pair of glasses to someone in need by Restoring Vision to planting a tree for Trees for the Future).

An Introduction to For Art's Sake Eyewear

For Art’s Sake (FAS) came into being in 2016. It is one of the foremost and most energizing eyewear brands of London, UK (United Kingdom). Women adore For Art’s Sake eyewear for bold details and a blithesome approach to opulency. FAS eyewear is all about ‘Designed to Delight.’ In addition to eyewear and accessories, FAS also vends jewellery pieces, including necklaces, braces, and earrings. Many celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Kristen Bell, Alessandra Ambrosia, Rita Ora, Olivia Palermo, and Chrissy Teigen, relish wearing FAS sunglasses.

FAS Company Founders

Xiwen Zhang, with her boyfriend, Yannis Makridis, founded the eyewear company, For Art’s Sake in 2016. They came up with the idea of FAS while there were spending a holiday in Greece. They couldn’t uncover a trendy pair of sunglasses at the right price point. Based on this point, they decided to create an eyewear brand combining affordable luxury with prodigious handmade quality for sunglasses, opticals, and accessories, besides the pieces of jewelry. FAS sunglasses achieved success in just 4 years.

FAS Mission

For Art’s Sake takes care of every minor detail for eyewear so that a woman can concentrate on the bigger picture. FAS goes the extra mile to ensure its customers’ lives become convenient. For Art’s Sake sunglasses for women and opticals include the finer details; every woman can make the most from the unique features and quality associated with FAS eyewear collections.

FAS Eyewear Is All about Women

For Art’s Sake cares for women; thus, FAS eyewear frames come in a wide range of styles, tempting women with different tastes. For Art’s Sake sunglasses and FAS opticals for women are high-end, on-trend, and for entertainment. FAS eyewear is for women with a young heart, courage, and quirk. FAS opticals and sunglasses get manufactured with meticulous attention to detail.

More about FAS Eyewear

For Art's Sake eyewear collection embraces sunglasses, opticals, and accessories, depicting its focus for beautiful designs. The designs get made by hands; so, there's no doubt that FAS eyewear products are purely FAS. The sunglasses made with vivid colours and bold designs showcase this affordable and luxurious fashion brand's soul. The opticals, accessories, and even jewelry pieces manufactured by For Art's Sake receive the thumbs up from every woman worldwide.

We think the Creative Director sums up quite nicely why we love everything about this brand, from what they stand for to what they make.

See quote:
“I wanted to create sunglasses that were different to anything I’d seen, so I design each pair like it’s a little work of art designing to delight, always. We don’t do boring at FAS.” - Creative Director, Xiwen

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