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Eyewear Brand Information

Celine Vipiana was not even thirty years of age when she branded her eponymous brand with her signature. The year was 1945 when the company started as a custom-made shoe service for girls. Today, the idea of Parisian chic, with know-how and the finest quality materials as foundations of the building, is strengthened by the artistic director Hedi Slimane via the 16 rue Vivienne workshops. In tandem with ready-to-wear and accessories, his 'haute couture' creations showcase French art's meticulous capabilities in the Celine wardrobe.

An Introduction to Celine Eyewear

Celine came to life in 1945. It’s a French ready-to-wear and leather goods brand, and initially, it started a made-to-measure children’s shoe business; however, today, it sells ready-to-wear, small leather goods plus eyewear for both men and women. Wearers admire Celine eyewear for its perfect details and a light-hearted approach to luxury. Celine eyewear is a work of art that handmade. Celine sunglasses, including the luxurious and the designer ones, are incredible in appearance and excellent quality.

Company Founders

Celine Vipiana and her husband Richard founded Celine as a made-to-measure children’s shoe boutique in 1945; the boutique got recognized by a very distinct red elephant logo that the cartoonist Raymont Peynet created. The brand got success earlier at its start; thus, Vipiana also started selling ready-to-wear for women to deliver fashion to the everyday woman while launching the sportswear-driven line. In 1963, she started the women’s shoe line and introduced ‘Vent Fou,’ its first fragrance. In 1996, Bernard Arnault, the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the luxury conglomerate, LVMH (Moet Hennessy-Louis Vuitton ), officially acquired Celine. When Vipiana died as the lead designer for Celine in 1997, Micheal Kors succeeded her. Since Feb 1st, 2018, Hedi Slimane is serving as the brand’s ‘Artistic Director.’ Celine sunglasses, just like its other products, including shoes, bags, fragrances, pieces of jewelry, and more, have earned a respectable place in the eyes of men and women today.

Celine Eyewear Mission

Celine's eyewear mission is to come up with beautifully crafted and practical products without artifice. The brand's focus is on men and women; therefore, Celine sunglasses for men and women look good and fit right. The brand works with a passion for details and timeless modernity. Celine prescription glasses and sunglasses get built with a transparent value system addressing sincerity, agility, and focus.

Celine Eyewear Is about Women

Celine eyewear combines fashion eyewear with athletic eyewear, and its sunglasses and standard glasses come in a range of styles, luring men and women having distinct tastes. Celine sunglasses, in particular, are top-of-the-line, stylish, and for sports also. Celine state-of-the-art eyewear is blithesome, courageous and tailored for women, made with impeccable attention to detail.

Try on a pair Book an exclusive <strong>Celine Eyewear</strong> frame fitting today!

Try on a pair Book an exclusive Celine Eyewear frame fitting today!