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Octagonal Rectangle Optical In Combo Of Black, Silver And Pink.

Anne & Valentin Eyewear – Farrah

Black And Copper Metal Optical.

Anne & Valentin Eyewear – Baker

Round Acetate Optical in Black Havana.

Anne & Valentin Eyewear – Edo

Black Acetate Sunglasses With Green Gradient Mirrors.

Anne & Valentin Eyewear – Silvana

Metal Sunglasses In Olive Green Frame And Olive Green Gradient Mirror.

Anne & Valentin Eyewear – Seville

Havana Light Brown Acetate Sunglasses.

Anne & Valentin Eyewear – Vario

Eyewear Brand Information

The French company Anne & Valentin was founded in Toulouse thirty years ago. For them “made in France” represents more than just a commitment to quality – it's an indication that they stand behind their product no matter where it comes from or how long production takes place within these shores. They have been working with same factories located near the Jura mountains since then aside from those few titanium models which are manufactured Japan because at A&V only top-quality materials go into making everything they sell.”

About Anne & Valentin

What happens when two opticians from Toulouse, a town in South-West France, can’t find visually pleasing and original frames for their friends? You get the Anne & Valentin brand.

When the couple couldn’t find what they wanted, they decided to create it themselves. And that streak of imagination, creativity, originality, and curiosity has ensured worldwide fame for Anne & Valentin over the years. Anne & Valentin are still fiercely independent and strive to create visually stunning eyewear and other products made from the highest materials and make people fall in love with them. Apart from eyewear, Anne & Valentin also create interior decoration and furniture that are the talk of the town but still rooted in the brand’s history and their original ideas.

What Inspires Anne & Valentin?

It’s a good thing that the couple didn’t just work on their ideas but integrated others into the whole process. These include friends, family, customers, up-and-coming artists, and many more from almost every fashion industry to make the brand what it is today. They have taken inspiration from different artists, genres, styles, and age groups. Their bold and original designs speak of art, fashion, cinema, architecture, and photography, to name a few. The brand’s curiosity and their constant struggle to one-up themselves have ensured they stay in the limelight and not fade into the background.

We love Anne & Valentin

Anne & Valentin's eyewear is something that they have been working on from the start. They have paid attention to the creativity and development of the glasses and kept a close eye on the communication, sales, distribution, and final retail. Not only do they create the eyeglasses, but they also produce all the visuals and content for those glasses. 

Try on a pair Book an exclusive <strong></strong> Eyewear frame fitting today!

Try on a pair Book an exclusive Eyewear frame fitting today!