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Thierry Lasry Eyewear – Sunglasses Victimy

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VICTIMY is a new and exciting addition to the world of frames. Handcrafted in France from authentic Mazzucchelli acetate, these shades provide 100% UV protection for those who spend their days outside on sunny walls or under bright sunlight; they’re also equipped with an edgy, futuristic look that will make you stand out from everyone else!

  • Translucent Champagne with tinted purple lenses
  • Composition: acetate
  • 100% UV protection
  • Handmade in France
  • Includes a microfiber pouch, a hardshell case, and a signature THIERRY LASRY box
Try on a pair Book an exclusive <strong>Thierry Lasry</strong> fitting today!

Try on a pair Book an exclusive Thierry Lasry fitting today!