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Iconic Eyewear Made in Austria

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The Eos Collection Was Inspired By The Sun's Dance On The Water And Its Playful Refractions.

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The Tuchlauben Sunglasses Are A Sleek, Stylish Way To Shield Your Eyes From The Sun.

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The Butterfly Shape Of This Model Makes For Femininity Without Being Too Revealing Or Overdone In Taste.

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The Elegance Collection from Artline is perfect for design lovers who want to make a statement with their glasses.

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An Eye-Catching Frame That Will Take Your Style Up The Notch.

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An Unforgettable Pair For Any Event Or Occasion!

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Eyewear Brand Information

Silhouette – Iconic Eyewear made in Austria Since 1964.

Silhouette is the world’s lightest Eyewear. They are made from materials that have been innovated for their strength and durability, so you can wear them without worrying about breaking or damaging your face. Eyewear from the finest materials, crafted with care and excellence. We have been making eyeglasses in Austria since 1964; this is how we guarantee high-quality service that’s second to none!

Introduction to Silhouette Eyewear

Every time someone talks about premium eyewear, Silhouette is the brand that comes to mind. An Austrian-based eyewear brand founded in 1964, still combining absolute precision, innovation, and incredible attention to detail in every product. It all started when they bombarded the optics industry with stylish and durable eyewear products for men and women. Due to its continuous excellence, the Silhouette eyewear brand began to outgrow local competitors, soon becoming a globally appreciated eyewear brand. Their range of excellent eyewear products includes prescription glasses and shades. These glasses and sunglasses come in an almost infinite variety of shapes, colours, and designs.

How Silhouette is keeping up with the market dynamics

Since optical eyewear products have evolved, we have witnessed how it's not just about visual aid anymore. Optical eyewear has come a long way, and so has the brand Silhouette. That's correct, and Silhouette has always come up with the latest trendy designs for a better fashion statement. The cosmetics and the material are getting better in these Silhouette prescription glasses. Still, the perfection in visual aid is phenomenal. The innovation and the creative use of technology in optical eyewear make Silhouette a distinct eyewear brand. So far, Silhouette has been keeping ahead of the competition. Most of the time, their designs stand out from the rest. Silhouette is just the right choice when you want comfort and style in one frame.

Why Silhouette Men's and Women's sunglasses are the best?

The factor that makes this brand the best in the visual aid industry is the superior quality material used in all men's and women's sunglasses. And that is not all; the way Silhouette responds to the consumers' demand is appreciable. Comfort, durability, sleek designs, and innovative visual technology are some other factors that add value to Silhouette's sunglasses.

Now you can try on any frame from Silhouette online.

That's right; a Virtual try-on is a thing now. You can easily browse through hundreds of frames from rimless to semi-rimless to the full rim on the website. Then you go to the virtual try-on feature shown below the selected eyewear product. Follow the simple on-screen instructions to try on your favourite sunglasses right away. Silhouette always goes the extra mile when it comes to customer care.

Lite Wave is the new normal

Lite Wave is the signature collection of Silhouette designed to bring back the classic full-rim frames. Usually, the lightest frames are the most fragile. But with Silhouette's Lite Wave collection, you get an ultra-light, elegant design structured with ultra-thin high-tech Titanium. Imagine dropping your Titanium framed glasses on the ground. What can go wrong? Anyone can easily find a good match with their style when browsing hundreds of frame designs. And all the frames in this collection ensure robust build quality and superior comfort.

We love Silouette Eyewear
The variety in frames and their designs is quite large, and you can get your favourite one right away. All the frames are designed with high-quality standards and for optimal vision. The signature feature of Silhouette men's and women's sunglasses and prescription glasses is the lightweight, which gives a comfortable experience.

Try on a pair Book an exclusive <strong>Silhouette Eyewear Toronto</strong> frame fitting today!

Try on a pair Book an exclusive Silhouette Eyewear Toronto frame fitting today!