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Transparent & Brown Gradient Acetate Frame With Gradient Brown Lenses.

Saint Laurent Eyewear – SL 276 Mica Sunglasses

Black Acetate Frame With Light Blue Lenses.

Saint Laurent Eyewear – SL 462 Sulpice Sunglasses

Magenta Acetate Frame With Purple Gradient Lenses.

Saint Laurent Eyewear – SL 181 Loulou Sunglasses

Pink Gold Metal Frame With Grey/Green Gradient Lenses.

Saint Laurent Eyewear – SL 309 Rimless Sunglasses

Dark Havana Acetate Frame With Yellow Lenses.

Saint Laurent Eyewear – SL 461 Betty Sunglasses

Yellow Acetate Frame With Black Lenses.

Saint Laurent Eyewear – SL 521 Sunglasses

Eyewear Brand Information

Yves Saint Laurent is one of the most prominent fashion houses in history. Originally started as a house for high-end designers to create exclusive pieces, they revolutionized how society and clothing interact with their introduction into larger-scale production that year (1966).
Since its inception YSL has had an influence on both inside and outside industry professionals who are inspired by what this company stands for – creativity through innovation without boundaries!

Introduction to Saint Laurent Eyewear

Saint Laurent is the brand that gave fashion a new dimension. An elite French fashion house founded by Yves Saint Laurent back in 1961. What made Saint Laurent a unique fashion designer brand is its simple approach. The owner Yves Saint Laurent always wanted to design something unique yet simple. He resolved this problem by designing the most elegant dresses of his time in the fashion industry, yet they were very comfortable. It was considered that designer outfits tended to be somewhat hard to carry in the past. However, that was not what Saint Laurent was thinking at that time. This idea attracted many influential celebrities to this brand - luxury fashion wear should be ready-to-wear and comfortable as casual wear. 

Saint Laurent – Eponymous Fashion Label of the 20th century

Those who don't even know the history of this brand have some idea about its legacy. Saint Laurent is a continuously appreciated fashion designer who spiced things up with his creativity and made things simple. His innovation caused a lot of paradigm shifts in this industry back in the 20th century. The convenience and elegance that this brand brought together made everyone quickly accept whatever this brand had to launch.

Saint Laurent Eyewear for Men and Women

As we now know something about the brand's legacy, it's time to know what they have been doing in the eyewear industry. Most folks only turn to Saint Laurent's eyewear for trendy and comfortable sunglasses. But that is not all that this brand produces. The huge collection of prescription sunglasses by Saint Laurent tells us how the brand is not only about flexing your worldly possessions. Their prescription glasses for men and women come in infinite designs and colours.

We love Saint Laurent

This was the idea that everything about the brand would be unique from the beginning. Saint Laurent, therefore, approached the fashion world in his way. He came up with Haute couture's new tradition where every detail would be finalized with hands, yet the apparel would be very comfortable. Saint Laurent also introduced the Tuxedo suits for women. He had the same approach for eyewear products – elegant, fashionable, yet super comfortable.

Try on a pair Book an exclusive <strong>Saint Laurent Eyewear Toronto</strong> frame fitting today!

Try on a pair Book an exclusive Saint Laurent Eyewear Toronto frame fitting today!