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Handmade in Italy with love

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Gray/Orange/White Acetate Frame With Gradient Brown Lenses.

RES/REI Eyewear- Flower Begonia Sunglasses

Black /Yellow Havana Acetate Frame With Gradient Gray Lenses.

RES/REI Eyewear- Flower Gladiolus Sunglasses

Green Havana/Pink Acetate Frame With Gradient Blue Lenses.

RES/REI Eyewear- Flower Thrush Sunglasses

Light Grey /Green Havana/Pink Acetate Optical Frame.

RES/REI Eyewear- Diamonds Heart Optical

Blue/Dark Havana Acetate Optical Frame.

RES/REI Eyewear- Cocktails Tequila Sunrise Optical

Pink/Purple Acetate Optical Frame.

RES/REI Eyewear- Scluptures Prism Optical

Eyewear Brand Information

RES/REI has been manufacturing hand-assembled eyewear since 2011. A distinctive design and an excellent handmade production have helped to make RES/REI a brand recognized for quality and innovation in the industry. Their one-kind frames can last years or age beautifully, depending on how you care for them! With all this said, they're committed not only when creating your glasses but also to giving credit where credit is due-in Italian craftsmanship, which is why everything about these amazing pieces is made right here at home from start idea through final product.
RES/REI means “the thing” in Latin. It's an existing object with substance and form; but also a concept, idea–something to think about when you're feeling lost or inspired! The way RES/REI sees it is that everything should be made by hand (with love). That's why all their frames are handmade using skilled artisans who build each one differently depending on what they need for inspiration.


RES/REI has an interesting story to tell. When you go to their timeline, it starts with a very famous line, “Non fuit in solo Roma peracta die.” Which translates to, “Rome was not built in a day.” It means incredible things take time to build, as did RES/REI. The brand is not that old and started when things were pretty intense in the optical industry. Every other day a new brand would launch their eyewear collection range and could not get that much attention. Its meticulous handcrafted glasses and sunglasses made RES/REI stand out from its competition in 2011. Since 2011, they have improved their designs, quality, colours, technology, and customer experience.

Handmade in Italy with Love

Have you ever wondered why all these luxury fashion wear brands and all those Haute Couture brands come from Italy and France? It’s because they are good at arts and crafts. The fashion industry has seen mind-boggling evolution in the past century. Well, 100 years are too big a timeframe. If you only look at the last ten years of fashion, you will be amazed at all the industry changes. RES/REI is a brand that quickly made its place in the market because of all the artistry. RES/REI says every pair of glasses by their company is handmade in Italy with love, and they are quite right about it.

Res Rie means “Concept.”

Res Rie comes from Latin and directly translates to “the things.” But it also means an idea or a concept. Just like you see all those concept cars coming out, but you don’t see them on the roads, it’s not like that with RES/REI. They have built the ‘concept’ eyewear products and then made them available to the general public. Anyone can have their hands on the artistic and carefully handcrafted glasses and sunglasses by RES/REI. their inspiration lies in their roots, and this is their manifesto.

RES/REI makes custom material for their glasses

There are a hundred things about RES/REI that make it cool and everything but the fact that they derive their metallurgy is just amazing. You can’t call their frames plastic. It is cellulose acetate that comes from cotton wads. Their brand is so exclusive that they design and develop their material. You won’t have the chance to complain about their low-quality frames. That is because the frame you are wearing is 100% made with custom material for the best results and an exclusive experience. Another essential feature of acetate is that it provides a wide range of beautiful colour combinations that you may not have seen before.

We love RES/REI Eyewear
RES/REI prescription glasses are specially equipped with materials that help you relieve your eyes’ stress. The same is with their sunglasses. How you look at the sun will change forever when you carry these beautiful sunglasses. Their attention to detail shows their care for the customers. They make it easy for us to put our trust in their brand with all our eyewear needs.

Try on a pair Book an exclusive <strong>RES/REI Eyewear Toronto</strong> frame fitting today!

Try on a pair Book an exclusive RES/REI Eyewear Toronto frame fitting today!