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Light Pink & Dark Pink Acetate Frame With Multi Colour Gradient Lenses.

Nano Vista Eyewear- Babies Sunglasses Nanito

Transparent Acetate Frame With Shocking Pink Temples & Multi Colour Gradient Lenses.

Nano Vista Eyewear- Non Prescription Sunglasses Bang

Black & Green Indestructible Frames With Attachable Blue Light Glasses.

Nano Vista Eyewear- Blue Light Prescription Glasses Fan Game BB

Purple & Silver Metal Frame With Purple Temple Tips.

Nano Vista Eyewear- Prescription Glasses Berlin

Red & Light Pink Half Rim Metal Frame With Prescription Lenses.

Nano Vista Eyewear- Prescription Glasses Club Nano

Dark Blue & Light Blue Indestructible Attachable Frame With Lenses.

Nano Vista Eyewear- Prescription Sunglasses Gran Turismo SC

Eyewear Brand Information

We know that children are always on the go, and they need glasses to stay fashionable. NanoVista’s indestructible and flexible children’s glasses are the perfect solution for parents who want to be able to put up with constantly replacing their precious little one’ Glasses! The special material makes them tough enough to withstand even wild play while still being light enough that they won’t hurt your toddler’s ears when they move back onto land after jumping from tall heights. All of our indestructible frames come in multiple models, so you’re guaranteed to find a pair for your child no matter what kind of colour preferences they may have!

Introduction to Nano Vista Eyewear

Nano Vista eyewear is the perfect brand for kids and babies. The company's optical collection features exclusive, patented "SILIFLEX" material that can withstand any punishment to keep your little one safe from harm in tough times! Nano vista has no peers when it comes to picking out kid-friendly frames. They have an assortment of styles with premium lens options like prescription glasses or sunglasses - all made entirely by hand without sacrificing comfort, so you don't have to go through life looking bulky while wearing them. 

Nano Vista Eyewear Mission

The eyewear industry is tough, but Nano Vista is up for the challenge. Their goal has always been to empower children by giving them access and choice so they can find glasses that fit their style - whether it's cool shades or cute frames!

With their latest designs coming out with all the rainbow colours (and beyond), there will be something for every little guy/girl next time when they need a new frame.

Nano Vista Sunglasses

Nano Vista offers a line of shades for kids and babies that can be fitted with prescription lenses. The company's blue block lens protects against the harmful solar radiation they are exposed to on different surfaces while also providing unparalleled eye protection in environments where HEV or UV rays may pose health risks, such as beaches mitigated by sea water!

Nano Vista Blue Light Glasses

The world of blue light is an interesting one. It comes from TVs, mobile phones, computers, and tablets, but now there are also glasses to block it! Nano Vista makes 'Nano Protect,' specially designed for people who want protection against eyestrain caused by these screens with harmful rays that can cause headaches or sleep disturbances, among other things. Nano Vista's blue light glasses offer the highest quality standards to ensure that they provide maximum blockage of 100% for all those who want their vision protected from harmful rays.

Nano Vista Frames

Here are some Nano Vista frames you can choose for your children:

  1. Nano Baby: As the name suggests, Nano Baby frames are for babies. The brand also provides these for toddlers. They deliver the best eye protection without being uncomfortable for the children.
  2. Nano Glow: Nano Glow frames for kids have fluorescent particles mixed with temple colours to give rise to a glowing effect. The glowing colours enable you to find your kids’ glasses in the middle of the night or in the dark.
  3. Nano Solar Clip:Nano Solar Clip frames help children protect against solar radiation at home, at school, and while practicing.

We love Nano Vista

If you have small children in your house who wear eyeglasses, they will inevitably break their frames often. But with Nano Vista's indestructible glasses for kids, there are no worries about giving them full protection from UV rays or HEV (high energy visible) lights since these types can cause damage over time!

Try on a pair Book an exclusive <strong>Nano Vista Eyewear Toronto</strong> frame fitting today!

Try on a pair Book an exclusive Nano Vista Eyewear Toronto frame fitting today!