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Silver Metal Frame With Grey Gradient Lenses.

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Eyewear Brand Information

World-renowned designer Michael Kors has earned himself a spot in the history books with his signature line of luxury accessories and ready to wear. His namesake company, established in 1981, currently produces products under “Michael kors” for women and men. An entire collection is dedicated solely to fragrances, including watches, jewelry, etc. All are crossing over into various categories, such as eyewear and footwear.

Introduction to Michael Kors

Michael Kors is a world-renowned American brand of luxury clothes and accessories. Established in 1981, the brand manufactures clothes, watches, jewelry, footwear, fragrances and eyewear.

Michael Kors started directly or through the licensing partners in the world's most eminent cities such as New York, Beverly Hills, Chicago, London, Milan, Paris, Munich, Istanbul, Dubai, Seul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Rio de Janeiro. The company celebrates global events and cultures with pride while reflecting on people's diversity, experiences, and viewpoints throughout the world. Michael Kors eyewear was launched by 'Luxottica' in 2015. Currently, the brand makes sunglasses for men and women. Michael Kors's shades are sophisticated and iconic.

The Company Founder

Michael Kors, an American fashion designer, founded the brand 'Michale Kors.' He grew up in Merrick, Long Island, and his keen eye for fashion was evident, even at 5 when he suggested his mother, Joan, remove the bows from her wedding dress. Kors graduated from High School in 1977 and joined 'The Fashion Institute of Technology in the Big Apple. Dawn Mello (the Executive Vice President of Bergford Goodman) noticed his talent when he worked at 'Lothar's (a trendsetting boutique). Mello motivated Kors to contact her if he ever started a collection. Kors did that, and in 1981, he officially launched his line, 'Micahel Kors.' Kors found success from the beginning, making chic and luxurious sportswear. Today, Michael Kors' collections include more than just sportswear for men and women.

Michael Kors Eyewear Mission

Michael Kors' mission is rooted in iconic designs, combining glamourous aesthetics with trendy elegance and a sporty attitude. The company's mission is to bring a state-of-the-art lifestyle to men and women worldwide. The brand wants to work with zeal and enthusiasm to help men and women make the most of irresistible glamour and style.

The Most Dependable Michael Kors Frames

Michael Kors frames are designed for those with contemporary and retro tastes. The frames also suit the casual preferences of men and women. Michael Kors frames come in various styles, such as cat-eye, clubmaster, round, rectangular, and aviator, to name a few.

What's More about Michael Kors Eyewear?

The entire Michael Kors eyewear collection is made in Italy. Michael Kors manufactures exceptional-quality shades in collaboration with 'Luxottica.'

We love Michael Kors.

Michael Kors's sunglasses for men and women display a sophisticated aesthetic with class. Michael Kors sunglasses are made for fashion, reflecting an eternal taste that suits men and women. Michael Kors' shades for men and women come with elegant details and portray fashion in the latest style. Although there is multiple Michael Kors eyewear for sale, the eyewear is also available for a reasonable price online. If you are a brand-conscious individual, why not try Michael Kors sunglasses.

Try on a pair Book an exclusive <strong>Michael Kors Eyewear Toronto</strong> frame fitting today!

Try on a pair Book an exclusive Michael Kors Eyewear Toronto frame fitting today!