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Blue Fade to Crystal Acetate Frame With Clip-On Blue Hawaii Lenses.

Maui Jim Eyewear – MJO2126 Acetate Collection With Clip on Optical

Mauve Tortoise Frame With Silver Temples & Clear Lenses.

Maui Jim Eyewear – MJO2224 Specialty Metals Collection Optical

Deep Black Metal Frame With Clear Lenses.

Maui Jim Eyewear – MJO2720 Specialty Metals Collection Optical

Black Gloss Acetate Frame With Neutral Grey Lenses.

Maui Jim Eyewear – Glory Glory Polarized Cat Eye Sunglasses

Matt Grey Frame With Neutral Grey

Maui Jim Eyewear – Hikina Polarized Rimless Sunglasses

Pink Tortoise with Rose Gold frame & Maui Rose Lenses.

Maui Jim Eyewear – PUA Polarized Fashion Sunglasses

Eyewear Brand Information

Maui Jim is a company that got its start in 1980 on the island of Maui. With roots deep into Hawaiian culture and tradition, they saw an unmet need for technology to combat glare while bringing brilliant colours alive- which led them create their revolutionary PolarizedPlus2® lens! This allows people from all walks of life – no matter where you're going or what type vacation mood strikes –to enjoy beautiful views without having any worries about sun damage due simply because we offer 100% protection against UVA & UVB rays with every pair our sunglasses provide.

Introduction to Maui Jim Eyewear

Maui Jim is a sunglasses and eyeglasses manufacturing brand established in 1980. Maui Jim eyewear brand is based in Peoria, Illinois, and is doing a great job producing some of the most beautiful and stylish sunglasses for men and women. As of 2015, Mau Jim was declared the third-largest manufacturer of sunglasses globally. The story of Maui Jim is simple yet very inspirational. Maui Jim quickly understood the need to create something that could reduce glare discomfort and protect our eyes from UV rays. So, they came up with their Polarized lenses that changed how we see the bright light. After several trials and experiments, the brand finally launched its masterpiece PolarizedPlus2 Lens. This lens can absorb all the horizontal lines from a bright source while only allowing the vertical lines to pass through to give a crystal-clear vision. 

Maui Jim's Founder

Mau Jim's sunglasses and eyeglasses, famous for their premium quality polarization and protection from the UV rays, have made it this far, thanks to an angler. Yes, that is right, the fisherman named Jim Richards used to sell sunglasses where they were needed the most – on the beach in Hawaii. So, now we know how the name Maui Jim came together. All of this was happening in the 80s, but then Jim came up with the idea of making something better. Something that could take care of the eyes in a more sophisticated manner. In 1991, he made some pairs of sunglasses with polarized lenses. A boat captain named Walter Hester once tried a pair of these sunglasses and was so impressed that he purchased the brand. Three years go by, and the brand "Maui Jim Sunglasses" chooses Illinois-based optics company RLI (Replacement Lens Inc.) as their main distributor. After two more years, in 1996, the company was named "Mau Jim Inc." It was already becoming a fast-selling optics brand. Since only the sunglasses were not enough to completely own the optics industry, they bought Zeal optics in 2011 for further expansion. This led the brand to produce prescription glasses for men and women in 2018. The current president of Maui Jim is Mike Dalton, who has an extensive background and experience in the optics industry. 

Maui Jim's Innovation

While all the other eyewear brands were busy designing fashionable frames and aesthetic sunglasses, Maui Jim worked on something unique. They wanted their sunglasses to provide a level of comfort not available with any other brand. This was only possible with the engineered lenses, and therefore they launched their high-quality polarized sunglasses. This innovation made it possible for the brand to produce some of their time's greatest sunglasses and was thoroughly appreciated. Maui Jim shades are sporty, rugged, and stylish. Maui Jim eyewear blends art and science with its incredibly-styled shades and prescription glasses.

We love Maui Jim

Maui Jim's frames and shades appeal to the different tastes of men and women. They come in classic to vintage to contemporary styles. You can choose between cool aviator, cat-eye, rectangles, round, and square-shaped frames from Maui Jim eyewear's range. The brand offers thin-rimmed metal style frames and thicker-rimmed plastic style frames for its shades and prescription glasses. Maui Jim eyewear has been entirely hand-made. Maui Jim uses exceptional-quality lenses in its shades and prescription glasses. The brand rightly claims that its patented lenses for sunglasses give 100% protection to its customers from the sun's UV rays. 

Try on a pair Book an exclusive <strong>Maui Jim Eyewear Toronto</strong> frame fitting today!

Try on a pair Book an exclusive Maui Jim Eyewear Toronto frame fitting today!