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KUBORAUM Dreamed in Berlin. Handmade in Italy

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Atlantic Green + Light Orange Mazzucchelli Acetate Frame With Dark Grey Lenses.

Kuboraum Eyewear – Sun Mask X10

Copper With Metal Embellishments Mazzucchelli Acetate Frame With Flash Gold, Base 2 Lenses.

Kuboraum Eyewear – Sun Mask U10

Black Matt Metal & Mazzucchelli Acetate Frame With 24H Green Lenses.

Kuboraum Eyewear – Sun Mask N6

Black Metal & Acetate Frame With Grey Lenses.

Kuboraum Eyewear – Optical Mask H42

Glacier Mazzucchelli Acetate Frame With Clear Lenses.

Kuboraum Eyewear – Optical Mask T6

Caramel Mazzucchelli Acetate Frame With Clear Lenses.

Kuboraum Eyewear – Optical Mask K16

Eyewear Brand Information

“Eyes are power.” The point of view in this project is the game of masks. While looking into a mirror, one chooses eyewear that also becomes their mask to perceive differently within an effortful society aimed at annulling diversity and culture through social massification – having then learned how important it can be for someone else not just to see you but understand what they're seeing when experiencing something new or different with them along life's journey.

Introduction to Kuboraum Eyewear

Kuboraum is a brand that came into existence in 2012. The brand is a mixture of Italian craftsman tradition and Berlin-based creativity. It manufactures sunglasses and prescription glasses and calls its eyewear 'masks.' Kuboraum Eyewear is very popular worldwide. Kuboraum shades are made for bold individuals with a keen sense of style. Kuboraum prescription glasses highlight one's character and emphasize one's personality. Kuboraum prescription glasses and sunglasses are designed for both men and women.


The Company Founders

The Kuboraum brand does not depend on a single person. It was created by the artist and sculptor Livio Graziotti, anthropologist and brand director Sergio Eusebi, and process engineer Antonio Pincin. All of the company founders came up with the new idea of selling eyewear and calling its masks. The company founders were inspired by mammoth organic architecture and minimalist spaces. Every aspect of the brand, Kuboraum, from design to identity, from image to communication, from photo to video products, is done under the direction of Kuboraum's founders.

Kuboraum Eyewear is about All Men and Women

You can express your bright side with Kuboraum eyewear in a casual manner. Kuboraum sunglasses and prescription glasses are all about a class for men and women in unique designs. Kuboraum sunglasses for men and women are high-end and inspirational simultaneously. Kuboraum eyewear infuses each of its shades and prescription glasses with a touch of Italy and Berlin.


The Most Reliable Kuboraum Frames and Shades

Kuboraum frames, along with shades, depict the brand's innovative vision and commitment to quality craftsmanship. Kuboraum sunglasses for men and women come in bold designs and perfect details. The brand's prescription glasses showcase a wide variety so that the wearers can feel confident and get noticed and admired by the people in their social circles. Yes, Kuboraum's prescription glasses and shades are high-end, and the customers prefer them over others. Some of the most noticeable series for Kuboraum eyewear include the H-series (oval and square frame options), K-series (champagne, black matte, and black shiny frame options), and Z-series (round frames).

We love Kuboraum

Kuboraum's eyewear mission is very logical, just like its eyewear. It is a declaration of independence from industrial logic. The brand wants to introduce a novel point of view for ethical design, directed at confirming the peerlessness of men and women and the community.

Try on a pair Book an exclusive <strong>Kuboraum Eyewear Toronto</strong> frame fitting today!

Try on a pair Book an exclusive Kuboraum Eyewear Toronto frame fitting today!