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Black Acetate Frame With Subtle Grey Lenses.

Jimmy Choo Sunglasses – Cami Square Frame Sunglasses

Gold Copper Metal Frame With Grey With Gold Mirror Effect Lenses.

Jimmy Choo Sunglasses – Alexis Square Frame Sunglasses

Red Acetate Frame With Black Flash Lenses.

Jimmy Choo Sunglasses – Lucine Cat Eye Sunglasses

Azure Acetate Frame With Blue Lenses.

Jimmy Choo Sunglasses – Eleni Square Frame Sunglasses

Rose Gold Stainless Steel Frame With Grey-Shaded Lenses.

Jimmy Choo Sunglasses – Dany Square Frame Sunglasses

 Dark Havana Acetate Frame With Brown Shaded Lenses.

Jimmy Choo Sunglasses – Sonja Cat Eye Sunglasses

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Introduction To Jimmy Choo Sunglasses

Our sunglasses collection is a perfect addition to any outfit this summer. With a wide variety of frames and lens colours, you will find the right pair for whatever event or occasion awaits! We also offer handbags in our store along with new shoes ready to wear at all times too; they’ll be your go-to style from now until next season begins again soon enough:)

Jimmy Choo Sunglasses

Don't you hate having to wear the same old dull sunglasses everywhere? Women's sunglasses should be classy, elegant, fun, quirky, and much more. That's where Jimmy Choo comes in. What is the first thing you imagine when someone says "Jimmy Choo?" It's luxury. It's style. It's a unique way of showing people who you are. Jimmy Choo offers some of the most fun and excellent eyeglasses you'll see anywhere. Whether you want something for work, a date, a family get-together, or anything else, Jimmy Choo has something for you.

Get the Latest Jimmy Choo Eyewear at Mac & Co.

If you want the latest in eyewear fashion, Mac and Co is your go-to place. We have all the Jimmy Choo designs you need. Whether it's Renee, Reyes, Aliana or anything else you're looking for, we've got it all. You could go with a classic look, modern, elegant, fun, and much more. You can find glasses you want to pair with a specific dress or sunglasses you can wear with your entire wardrobe.

The Jimmy Choo Brand

Jimmy Choo is a British fashion house that focuses on shoes and is founded in 1996 by shoe designer Jimmy Choo and Vogue editor Tamara Mellon. The brand's first products were high heel shoes for women. As the brand became better known and expanded its merchandise, they eventually designed handbags, jewelry and even glasses under the Jimmy Choo label.

Wear Jimmy Choo sunglasses All the Time

It's easy to assume that all products from luxury brands like Jimmy Choo are impractical and difficult to wear in our everyday lives. However, this is not the case with Jimmy Choo's eyeglasses. They are wearable and unique while maintaining the fun and extravagant outlook that is so common with designs from the brand.

We love Jimmy Choo's Sunglasses.
Jimmy Choo's sunglasses are sophisticated and glamorous, with a sparkling touch of Swarovski crystals. Whether you love classic cat-eye frames or prefer more modern shapes like square designs in glossy tortoiseshell finishes, the perfect pair awaits to complete your summer style!

Try on a pair Book an exclusive Jimmy Choo frame fitting today!

Try on a pair Book an exclusive Jimmy Choo frame fitting today!