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The Artisan Of Emotions Since 1860.

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Shiny Black Acetate Frame With Gradient Smoked Lenses.

Chopard Sunglasses – C Logo Women’s Sunglasses

Shiny Copper Gold Metal Frame With Gradient Brown Lenses.

Chopard Sunglasses – Imperiale Women’s Sunglasses

Shiny Full Red Acetate Frame With Titanium Temples & Brown Gradient Pink Lenses.

Chopard Sunglasses – Ice Cube Women’s Sunglasses

Red Tortoiseshell Metal Frame With Polarized Gradient Smoke Lenses.

Chopard Sunglasses – Classic Racing Men’s Sunglasses

Tortoise Green Acetate Frame With Polarized Green Lenses.

Chopard Sunglasses – Alpine Eagle Men’s Sunglasses

Titanium Shiny Gold Metal Frame With Polarized Brown Lenses.

Chopard Sunglasses – L.U.C Men’s Sunglasses

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Introduction to Chopard Sunglasses

A boundless passion for beauty and life drives Chopard. The spirit of the Maison itself, as well as its precious objects, can convey this emotional dimension through communicating positive energy to those who wear them or give these moments in time from generation to generation worth celebrating with Chopard’s Independence, allowing it the freedom to support crafts that have glorious pasts which are sourced tremendous pride today.


Chopard eyewear collections boast exquisite Swiss high jewellery and Italian design. The company means exclusive compositions made up mostly of diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds, which have an unexpected cut giving it unmatched glamour along with intricate craftsmanship pushed to its ultimate limits; these traits make them stand apart in today's market where originality is key among consumers looking for something different than what others might be wearing at any given time!


The ICE CUBE, IMPERIALE and HAPPY DIAMOND luxury sunglasses collections are the expression of a modern woman. The metal frame is sleek with precious details that make it an elegant accessory for any occasion or event--whether at home on their couch as they watch TV during downtime, out exploring new places together while travelling abroad or attending red carpet events such as Haute Joaillerie Red Carpet Launch Edition which will be available beginning soon!


The Chopard luxury sunglasses collection for men is a timeless and elegant choice that will never go out of style. The contemporary sporty gentleman can find his perfect balance within these models, which feature classic inspirations with modern elements to create refined techniques without losing a sense of hand-made constructions or different material combinations such as carbon fibre alongside rubber or wood hoops. A more pronounced touch characterized by wrap-around frames makes them stand apart from other types while providing maximum comfort, so they're always ready when needed in an instant!

We love Chopard Sunglasses 
The luxury sunglasses collections are the expression of a modern woman & man. The HAUTE JOAILLERIE RED CARPET Collection returns in jewellery-inspired design to offer women's accessories with an elegant touch for special occasions like red carpet events. Chopard's luxury sunglasses for men have the perfect balance of classic and modern with refined styles that express the house's luxurious approach. The Timeless Elegance collection for men features wrap-around frames in carbon fibre and rubber alongside wood products, giving an added masculine edge because it reminds us about our favourite sports cars from decades ago!

Try on a pair Book an exclusive <strong>Chopard Sunglasses Toronto</strong> frame fitting today!

Try on a pair Book an exclusive Chopard Sunglasses Toronto frame fitting today!