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Eyewear Brand Information

Caroline Abram is a brand founded in 1998. The brand started by representing Miami's old-fashioned charm in 2008 when it began manufacturing sunglasses and prescription glasses. Caroline Abram claims that its eyewear represents extreme womanliness. Caroline Abram eyewear is prevalent throughout the world. Before starting the shades and optical line, Caroline Abram was awarded four gold ‘Silmo Awards.' Caroline Abram’s prescription glasses and shades give you the ultimate feminine feeling. In 2014, it also started making shades and prescription glasses for kids and received the ‘Silmo Award’ for the Best Kids Design. Caroline Abram shades are meant for bold individuals. They are characterized by a refined French touch with vintage feelings.

About the Designer

Caroline Abram is an optician trained in ‘Designer Oriented Stores.’ In 1998, she started designing jewelry and accessories for the eyewear market, including lorgnettes, magnifying glasses, chains, etc. After receiving four gold ‘Silmo Awards,’ Caroline Abram opened her workshops of craft manufacturing in Dakar, where she trained a team of women who manufactured a wide range of items from materials like resin, silver, and wood. She discovered Florida's charm in 2008 and started her line of sunglasses and prescription glasses reminiscent of Miami's out-of-date charm. Upon the massive success of Caroline Abram eyewear for women, Caroline began making optical and sunglasses for kids.

Caroline Abram Eyewear Mission

Caroline Abram's eyewear mission is to create prescription glasses and shades for women who want to feel beautiful, sensual without losing themselves. The brand also feels proud of making shades, prescription glasses, and accessories for kids.

Caroline Abram Eyewear is about Women and Kids

Women and kids can express their unique style with Caroline Abram's eyewear in an ingenious manner. Caroline Abram sunglasses and prescription glasses are all about the sensation for women and kids in unique designs. Caroline Abram sunglasses for women and kids are high-end, captivating, and colourful at the same time. Caroline Abram eyewear imbues each of its shades and prescription glasses with a touch of innovation.

The Most Reliable Caroline Abram Frames and Shades

Caroline Abram frames depict the brand's innovative & sensual vision and commitment to excellent craftsmanship. Caroline Abram shades come in various shapes and colours with perfect attention to detail. Caroline Abram prescription glasses and sunglasses showcase a variety so that both the women and kids can feel poised enough to get noticed and appreciated by the people in their social circles. Yes, Caroline Abram's prescription glasses and shades are top of the line; some online shops are still selling the brand's sunglasses and prescription glasses for sale. So even if you are low on a budget, you can get your hands on the most reliable Caroline Abram frames and shades.

More about Caroline Abram Eyewear

Caroline Abram eyewear has been hand-crafted and comes with the guarantee of an impeccable fit and ergonomics. The high-quality sunglasses and prescription glasses made by Caroline Abram come in an assortment of colours, acetate models, enriched models with metal inserts in soft and angular shapes.

What's not to love about Caroline Abram!
Using bold colors and unique designs that stand out giving women a way of projecting their personalities in a way that can be both fun and trendy.

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